58. actionable data

To me, the key takeaway from Sloan was the importance of actionable data. We’ve reached critical mass with stats, especially in the NBA. SportVU tracks every move a player makes on the court. We know all the superlatives now. Barroom arguments like Who’s faster: Parsons or Belinelli? are now redundant because they’re solved beyond a doubt with two mouse clicks. → More

57. the good people of boston

The standard-issue uniform for the Connecticut State Police is crisp and sharp, even if it leaves too much room for personal tchotchkes. On the particular edition, between the name badge and a well-polished and hard-earned PISTOL MARKSMAN stripe of gold, was a brilliant blue knit tie. It kept preventing me from making eye contact. → More


54. memory

I used to be obsessed with my own memory.

I remember being little, laying on my waterbed marveling at my own ability to retain song lyrics or historical dates or facts from my ever-expanding collection of ZooBooks.

I’m a genius, I thought. No other nine-year-old in the world knows all the lyrics to “One Week” by Barenaked Ladies AND “One Night In Bangkok” by Murray Head.  → More