202. Bad dreams

When I was a little kid, I had a recurring irrational nightmare that Toucan Sam was shattering all of the dinnerware in my house, and nobody would believe that it wasn’t me because Toucan Sam is a cereal mascot, and he’s not real, and even if he was, why would he frame you for a random act of destruction?  More ↠

201. Radiolab’s Wild Talk

Dinner with HA tonight, which means a pile of loose-thought threads are now jumbled in my head like spaghetti.

We talked about the first time you embarrass yourself in front of a crush, and we talked about our desert island bands. But the story he told that struck me the most was about the monkeys and prairie dogs.  More ↠

195. Los Angeles from above

I caught a single tilted vista of Los Angeles in morning light, and the altitude and the sweep of the light gave it a strange appearance of total emptiness, a grid pattern of pale broken structures and rubble, long abandoned, a place of small dry vines and basking serpents. Moments later I got a second rearward look from a higher place, and it was no longer city, but stale pizza sprinkled heavily with chopped nutmeats.

– John D. MacDonald, “The Turquoise Lament”

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