87. cringe

At work, I was given the keys to a new NBA blog focused on the teams that are currently underserved within the website redesign. I’m excited, etc., because I’m it’s more autonomy within the comfort of WordPress. There’s one big But though.  ↠ More

86. near the end of the first quarter

One of the low-key hardest parts of this blog, or the general idea of 365 blogs as a whole, isn’t finding the time daily to post something, anything, to fulfill your self-imposed quota.

Instead, it’s ensuring that as your writing gets better and you hit a few home runs now and then — which it does and you will — you still generate decent enough prompts to maintain the quality of your site.

That’s the big fear.  ↠ More

80. another perfect day

The sun hung low in the sky longer than I could have hoped, longer than seemed possible or fair. It gilded the trees and hills in a cozy glow and warmed my burned shoulders. Across the lake, it blazed a stripe of white.

We listened to the gentle lap at the boat dock, and when I opened my eyes, she was sipping her IPA so carefully I knew it was for my benefit. Dainty acting for her one-man audience.

It would get chilly soon, and she and I would paddle back in and towel off, but not just yet. We were hellbent on wringing every drop out of another perfect day.

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